La Pasada is a vineyard located in the most rugged part of the Sierra de Yerga where more than thirty years ago Gabriel Pérez planted tempranillo in a spot which was exceptional for its altitude and where the three types of climate which define Rioja wines totally come together. The Atlantic influence from the Sierra de Cantabria; the continental features from the spurs of the Sierra de la Demanda and the hot, Mediterranean light of the gradual broadening of the Ebro Valley.

A vineyard
between three

A vineyard with three climates which explains in a nutshell the Queirón philosophy. In addition, its steep slopes help the draughts of air to blow through providing ventilation to keep the vines healthy. The large daily thermal break in the summer months provide velvety tannins and balanced ripening of the fruit. Its soil is poor, sandy and scattered with stones and old clay. The vineyard is isolated, surrounded by pine trees and woods of old holm oak. It is split into various parcels following the terrain and seeking the best exposure to the sun to favour the grapes’ ripening in summer.

Thanks to the steep slopes currents of air are created during the daytime because of the temperature difference between higher and lower areas and this ventilation helps to keep fungal diseases at bay.

Moreover, as it is located at such a high altitude, there is a thermal break between temperatures during the day and at night which allows us to obtain velvety tannins and balanced ripening of the grapes over the course of the summer.

This vineyard is the result of the vision of Gabriel Pérez, founder of Queirón and a truly visionary vine dresser. When he decided to plant this vineyard everybody else was ripping out vineyards; the people were fleeing the villages. But he had the foresight to climb up to the highest, most rugged part of Yerga and recover an ancient area of vines (from the preliminary work to prepare the land we know there had been earlier plantations because the remains of their roots appeared).


The highest
and most rugged
part of Yerga

The vineyard is located at the limit of the cultivated area, at the top of the slopes of Monte Yerga, in Quel, at between 810m and 720m above sea level, with a difference in level of 70 m and gradients of over 30% in some places.
The soil is in layers, ranging from a sandy surface layer with sandstone and big stones followed by strata of old clay and sandstone which allow the roots to grow deep in search of moisture, and deep more clayey layers which retain the moisture in the hot days of summer.

Technical data

ALTITUDE 720 m. a 810 m.
VARIETY Tempranillo
TRAINING Trellis (Converted from bush vines)
SPACING 2.90 x 1.10 m.
16.9% Loam, 73.1% Sand, 10% Clay

Mi Lugar


The allegory of Quel


Queirón de Gabriel


Gabriel´s dream



of Queirón