Queirón Viñedos Familiares

is the spirit
of a

Ha nacido Queirón

Queirón has come into being

The winegrowing project of the Pérez Cuevas family is located in Quel, Rioja Oriental, right in the centre of the river Cidacos valley, between the sierras of Yerga and La Hez, and in the heart of the Barrio de Bodegas de Quel, the town’s winery quarter, an iconic site dating back to the 18th century, a place that epitomises the history of this Rioja town, a town that is closely connected to the culture and soul of wine.

Vine growing in Quel

The key to vine growing on the Queirón estate lies in showing the utmost respect for the local environment, using the traditional varieties grown in Rioja and making some great wines. The good health of the vineyard and the promotion of the biodiversity of the high-altitude vines growing on the slopes of the Sierra de Yerga define the essence of the wines produced at our winery.

Ensayos Capitales nº3


A Rioja wine cradled  by the sun (2020)

Third chapter of Queirón’s Ensayos Capitales. After the Graciano without sulphites and the White Tempranillo in a jar, we now use the ancestral technique of sunbathing the grapes in the vineyard after the harvest to seek the maximum sensory concentration in an absolutely natural way. A profound and gastronomic wine that investigates a novel technique in Rioja for dry wines.

Mi Lugar 2018

Mi Lugar


Alegoría de Quel, a universe of high-altitude terroirs, of old, goblet-pruned vineyards of Garnacha and Tempranillo. A wine that carves the spirit of a land and which takes its name from a poem that the Rioja-born playwright, Manuel Bretón de los Herreros, dedicated to Quel: My place. “Minerva, there are your treasures. There are your delights, Baco”.




Mi Lugar Tempranillo Blanco is the first white wine in Queirón’s catalogue. Is born out of a coming together of dreams and wishes: a unique variety found nowhere else in the world, indigenous and exclusive to Rioja, an almost uncharted territory in the heart of one of the wine regions with the longest tradition on the planet, and the natural progression of the wine which started off this adventure: Queirón Ensayos Capitales Nº2 ‘Lágrima en Tinaja’

El Arca Viñedo Singular 2017


Viñedo Singular (2018)

El Arca is a journey back through time. To the age-old vine growing of Rioja. The austerity of a soil that is poor, essential, fragile. An extraordinary wine that is produced from centuries-old Garnacha, harvested from a unique, astounding vineyard. The winegrowing of the Old World in essence. A journey into the past.

Queirón de Gabriel Reserva 2011

Queirón de Gabriel


In praise of the classicism, beauty and historical tradition of the Gran Reservas of the Denominación de Origen Calificada Rioja. Elegance, finesse, pleasure. The first wine of Queirón, a dream and tribute to its founder, the Quel-born vine grower, Gabriel Pérez.